X=Rivista d'Artista


X= is an artist’s magazine oriented to the independent and young visual arts scene. 

Like an artist’s book, X= holds the magazine as a medium, a means of expression. X= offers itself as a “paper” exhibition space, a place where to enjoy a different approach to artists’ work and practice. X= aims to be specialized, oriented and dedicated to artists.

In each issue, the editorial staff propose a starting point, a suggestion, a field to be investigated and explored. This suggestion is provided in the form of a sign, granting the artists complete freedom in its interpretation. Once the staff receive the raw material, they assemble the magazine following the visual and content inputs proposed by the artist; they pinpoint the contact points, using them as a key to develop the magazine’s visual narration.


-X=fields/a tour at the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris of the atelier of Sergio Valenzuela-Escobedo (Chile)

-X=notes/behind the scenes of the work of Gudlaug Gunnarsdottir (Iceland) and Veronica De Giovanelli (Italy)

-X=canvases+insert/an original composition for X=Rivista d’Artista by Laure Wauters (France)